Secret Rome

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Мягкий переплет. Крепление скрепкой или клеем
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Visit palaces closed to the public, admire exceptional works of art away from the tourist circuit, listen to a concert in a magnificent hidden oratory, have your dog or car blessed, observe the miraculous liquefaction of the blood of Saint Pantaleon, puzzle over a rare catoptric meridian or a wonderful anamorphic fresco, discover the remarkable motorised Rubens, enter into the secrets of the Vatican, rediscover a lost Bernini masterpiece, say a prayer before an image of the Holy Face of Jesus like that deposited on the moon in 1969, organise a dinner for two in a private palace, protect your throat from the rigours of winter. Far from the crowds and the usual cliches, Rome is still a reserve of well-concealed treasures that only reveal themselves to those who know how to wander off the beaten track, whether residents or visitors. An indispensable guide for those who thought they knew Rome well, or who would like to discover the hidden face of the city.

  • ISBN: 978-2-9158-0761-5
  • Автор: Ginevra Lovatelli
  • Год издания: 2010
  • Страниц: 319
  • Тип обложки: Мягкий переплет. Крепление скрепкой или клеем
  • Формат: 190х105
  • Вес: 324 г
  • Издательство:  ABBYY
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